Jay & Nicole's Venezuelan Introduction - Aug 2004 
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In July of 2004, Nicole and Jay left south Africa and moved to Caracas, Venezuela.  
Caracas can be located on the map of Venezuela below, along the coast.

There is a mountain range along the coast. The airport is along the ocean and you have to pass over the mountains to get to Caracas. 

Caracas, nestled next to the beautiful Avila mountain range, is an active but crowded city; tall buildings are abundant.

The streets are crowded with many older model cars. 

We arrived at the airport and were met by one of Nicole's co-workers.  He helped us retrieve our belongings and the cat, which took longer than expected.

From the airport it took about an hour to get to our hotel in Caracas.  When we got our room, we were greeted by one of the nicest flower arrangements we have ever seen! 

The cat (Blackie) survived being boxed up for 38 hours.

Nicole reported to work and found she has ... a great view! 

Her window looks right at the Avila Mountain range.

The "smoking area" offers stunning city views.

From the vantage point of Nicole's office we started to plot where we would begin to look for housing.

One goal was to be close to work, so she wouldn't have to put up with lots of traffic; it would also mean that we maybe could get by with just one car (they are expensive here). 

To the west was not very nice. 

To the south was too busy.  

We concentrated on looking for top-floor apartments.

These were OK but didn't have enough space or balconies. 

A few homes were available, but  most were too old. 

The little penthouse with the red roof was very close to work and caught our eye....  

... but was already occupied. 

We looked at many different places; you can go to the following link to see "our choice"