Caracas University Party - September 2004

Saturday, September 26th, 2004 - We joined the 'Caracas Hash' social group on a 
walking tour of a botanical garden at one of the local Caracas Universities.

(click any picture to get an enlargement)

The people gather ... ... socialize, and...  ... talk about the guys?

The dorm residents wonder what the "gringos" are doing.

OK, gather up... it is time for announcements. 

Here are the instructions for today's walk.

The walk began on the University grounds and followed the road past the public hospital.

  The hospital might have come in handy, as the route was reported to be rather tough.

Taxi, anyone??

They finally remember ... walkers stay to the left.

A confusing intersection.

We then entered a nice park area.

The women are attracted ...

... to giant nuts?

The park was very scenic and the walk was relaxing.  

We were all surprised that there weren't more people using this area on a Sunday afternoon... which is too bad.

We passed a line of Leaf-cutter ants that were crossing the sidewalk.  

They were quite busy transporting the leaves along their trail, which continued far into the grass and forest.

We then came to a turn-around point. A hare watches for cheaters; any will have to drink! The children were the best at following the rules.

Spirits were high ...

... as we headed back.

Good timing, the rain began as we got to the cars!

We had to leave the University area for our  "refreshment time", as they do not allow drinking.  We assembled at a part in a nearby neighborhood and has a nice little party.


It's time to circle up and ...

 ... toast to the organizers ...

... as our thanks!.