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Trip to Argentina - Dec. 2004 

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In late December 2004 we joined some friends from South Africa on a visit to Argentina.

From Caracas, Venezuela we flew to Bogota, Colombia for a short stop (see dotted line on map).  Luckily we stayed with the same plane and didn't have to worry about  connections. The shops in the Bogota airport were quite nice; even at 1am!

From Bogota it was a long flight down to Argentina.  We arrived in Buenos Aires (red #1 on map) around 10am and found it to be very hot.. over 100 degrees F!

We flew Aerolineas Argentina, their national carrier.  The flights were OK and we were quite satisfied with their service. 

This vacation included many trips & the picture pages are broken down as follows:

Buenos Aires: This page, which will then lead to ...
- Waterfall Trip (Iguazu): Seven Pages
- Glacier Trip    (Perito Moreno, Upsala & others): Two Pages

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OK ... continuing with the flight to Buenos Aires ... 

As the sun came up, we were already in southern Argentina.  There were not many clouds and we could see a lot of farmland.  Note how flat the area was... no mountains... not even any hills!

As we got closer to Buenos Aires we could see more water; the city is located near the mouth of a very large river. The fields in neighboring Uruguay were not as neatly kept!

We were surprised by the flatness of Buenos Aires; especially coming from mountainous Caracas.  Even though this big city is very large, it looked pretty nice from the air!

We got off the plane and were whisked away in a taxi. The outer edges of town were lined with  apartment buildings.

These apartments didn't look too bad... but with such a flat city, no one has much of a view!

As we neared the downtown area, the buildings got much bigger & more modern; now, this looks like a real city! An unfinished road, as we have seen in many cities worldwide.

In the older section of town we found what we really wanted to see, the European influence on architecture.  Buenos Aires has been dubbed "Little Paris"  because of the European influence.

Our favorite area; the harbor. These may look like an ocean, but it is just a very large river.

Our hotel was old & picturesque ... but not very comfortable. We met up with our South African friends (Valery and Nelly) and saw a tango show.  It was nice to relax and catch up on things.

The Boca (oldest part of Buenos Aires) is kept up as a tourist area... it reminded us of Mardi Gras! This area began as an Italian district and they built their houses of leftover corrugated iron. In order to make their neighborhood more attractive, they painted their houses in bright colors.

The Recoleta area is also very old, but kept up nicely.

It is a labyrinth of cemetery plots and strange-looking crypts.

The days were VERY hot and we restricted our travels to air-conditioned areas.

There was a bad fire in a local nightclub and many young people were killed.  The govt. announced 'National Mourning', which meant the nightlife was pretty dismal.

Yes, kids are the same in almost any country.... 

... even if they cannot speak the same language as you!

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