2004 Christmas Party - Caracas Hash Group

Saturday, December 11th - Christmas Dinner & Party
We joined the 'Caracas Hash' social group
for their annual Christmas Party.

(click any picture to get an enlargement)

As we entered the house, we were met by Santa's Helper...

... a fully stocked bar ...

... and nice Xmas decorations.. 

The first-comers gathered around various parts of the house.

As more people showed up they spilled into the patio area... 
Some groups finally moved out into the yard, as it was a beautiful Caracas evening!

Someone looks like she is ready to get into trouble. And other, much older kids, got to play in the kitchen! Mmmmm.. looking good! 

The dinner bell rung and it was time to chow down!

Some didn't heed the "hot" warning from dos Nicoles.

Then there was dessert.... ... if anyone still had room. A perfect way to relax!


Afterwards it was time to chat, 

... watch fireworks ...

... and yes, then to clean up.

We hope everyone have a merry Xmas and a Happy New Year!