Paracotos Club BBQ, Venezuela ... Jan. 2005 

Sunday, January 23rd - Family Hash & BBQ at Paracotos - We joined the 'Caracas Hash' social group and went to a country club called Paracotos for a day-long party.

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The hills above Paracotos, which is 1 hour south of Caracas. The Country Club had a lot to offer: 5 pools, 20 tennis courts, horseback riding and areas for BBQs.

Our BBQ Area was nicely situated close to the pools, which even had a waterslide!


Some people reserved grassy places in the sun. Others reserved tables in the shade. Overall the setup was quite comfortable.

Most people hung out by the "hut" in the beginning... ... because of the beer, of course! The early preparations for the BBQ also began.

 The group socialized for a few hours; many new acquaintances were made,
but mainly the time allowed 'old friends' to catch up on the latest holiday travel news.

The organizer called us together & describes the route we would hike today.

Ok, lets go... on, on! We headed back to the club...  ... and toured around the pools.

We ended up passing the hut 
and refueled a bit before ...
... heading up, up and up
 a steep dirt road, towards ...
... the top of the hill & where the symbol for the club is located.


At the top of the hill, the sweaty group gathered to look at the view and for a few group pictures.


After the group returned to the bottom of the hill, the organizers were called and thanked... drink up!

The meal followed the get-together ... a great BBQ! 


Our day at Paracotos ended when the sun started down.   
Thanks again to the hosts & helpers for a very nice adventure.