Chirimena Beach Weekend , Venezuela .... Nov, 2005 

Friday, November 5th to Sunday, November 7th
- Chirimena Beach Weekend
We joined the 'Caracas Hash' social group on a weekend-long beach party.

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Chirimena is one of the closest beach areas to Caracas; about 2.5 hours away... load up the car!

The hotel chosen for this event was called Casa de Playa.  We arrived on Friday afternoon after a rather comfortable trip.

The hotel was supposed to be big enough to handle our group.

The ocean was not far away; you could hear the waves crashing! A lagoon separated the Posada property from the beach area. The bridge was quite rickety; 
so don't fall in!

We did a quick check of the beach area and found the water to be clean, the waves to be big, the locals to be friendly, and the scenery to be quite pleasant.  The swimming was rated: GREAT!

On Saturday morning, the hares set the hash route and others staked out our beach area.

On Saturday morning people from the social group began to pour in from all directions.
Some people arrived already full of energy & excitement. Most everyone else perked up after a few much-needed drinks. The overall mood was joyous & many friendships were renewed.

It looked like it may rain, so the guys engineered a cover. From above, you can get an idea of our beach camp.  We needed to rent all the shade/chairs in the section to keep it 'private'.

It rained pretty hard... but after awhile we got out & played in the ocean ... then the rain disappeared!
The group went on an afternoon hike and then returned to play in the water some more.

After we cleaned up & had dinner, a local band came in to play some nice African-sounding music.  Most of the locals from this area of decendants of feed Africa slaves... mixed with Spanish blood.

Sunday: Beach Camp 2. 

We brought their own shade & chairs... which was better than renting from the vendors!

The beach area in front of town was quite narrow and crowded with locals.  We had no hassles besides the various merchants. Our area was large enough for swimming & playing frisbee.


Unfortunately we had to leave the beach, clean up & then drive back to busy Caracas.


This concludes the story from the beach weekend in Chirimena.