Jay & Nicole's Adventures Continued...

Trip to Brazil - April 2006

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We had been waiting to take a trip to Brazil and in April 2006 the timing finally worked out.

We flew from Caracas, Venezuela to Sao Paulo, Brazil and then up to Rio de Janeiro, 
where the adventures began.

Our three-week trip was 
broken down into parts:

- Rio de Janeiro (10 days)

- Salvador Area (7 days)

- Manaus Area (5 days)

From Manaus we then flew to 
Sao Paulo & back to Caracas.

We took many pictures on the trip and I created six web pages to describe the trip & to show the pictures.  I would recommend viewing each web page in the order shown below.  At the end of each page you will have the option to continue to the next page, or return to this main page.

The Rio de Janiero area is very large & had many sights... we saw Rio & then explored both to the west & to the east:

Page #1: Rio de Janeiro

Page #2: Parati Area (west)

Page #3: Buzios Area (east)

Page #4: Salvador Area 
(historical and nice beaches ... see big map above for location) 

Page #5: Manaus Jungle Lodge  (in the Amazon river jungle ... see big map above for location) 

Page #6: Manaus Lodge Excursions  (trips around the Amazon river and jungle)