Los Caracas Beach, Venezuela ... Sept. 2006 

We joined the  'Caracas Hash' social group on a trip to the beach on Saturday, September 9th

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On Saturday morning most of the beach-goers met at the Rincon to arrange rides. 

The main route taken, which turned out to be quite time consuming, was to the airport and then along the coast.  Those with tougher vehicles opted for the shorter Galipan route.

The drive from Caracas doesn't begin that nice, as you can see the poorness of the outer city areas.

As you progress to the ocean and get past the little towns, the coastline turned very nice.

 The beach at Los Caracas is one of the most well-kept-up beaches we have found in Venezuela.

Our beach 'base camp' consisted of rented huts & chairs, as well as the tents & umbrellas that people brought. The temperature was getting hot and the refreshing drinks flowed freely.

The real reason for making the 2-3 hour trip to this area was to take advantage of the ocean.  

Unfortunately we had to travel that far from Caracas to ensure the water was clean enough to swim in!

The beach atmosphere was comfortable, with plenty of vendors and beach bathing beauties  ...   ?

The adults chatted and took periodic dips in the ocean, while the kids 'lived' in the water.

The kids were commanded to did a hole to China... which would help Chavez send the oil there. Unfortunately the hole got filled with a Norwegian troll... which had to be covered up & tortured!

The group slowly gathers nicely for a photo opportunity.

It is time to start the walk ... a short path along the beach was chosen because it was so hot.

The chosen path went down the beach, then across a river, and up a cliff.

There were nice views waiting for us at the crest. The path then led down to another beach ... nice!


At the end of this beach, we stopped and went fora swim ... while we enjoyed the ice cold beer that was packed with us.


After the break, we headed back up the hill and could look back to see where we had been.

We returned to our beach camp and joined the kids in the ocean.

After the swim, the group gathered together for the 'Down-Down' circle.  People got 'punished' for making mistakes along the walk and the event planner was thanked. Afterwards, everyone relaxed for a bit longer and then began the task of cleaning up and heading back to the cars.

Thanks to the Caracas Hash group for another successful trip to the beach.

Yes, we have to leave the beach and, of course, we are
 not looking forward the the drive back to Caracas    :(