Visit to a Rum Factory, Venezuela ... Jan 2007 

We joined the 'Caracas Hash' social group on a tour of the local rum factory

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The group met in Caracas and car-pooled for the 75 minute trip to the premier Rum Factory in Venezuela ... Santa Teresa!



The drive was un-eventful and once parked, the group awaited further instructions.  The temperature was beginning to rise ... ... but luckily the Polar girls came to our rescue ... at a rum factory!

We hiked to the old train station & learned that 100 years ago, the rail system was better than today!

The line to get tickets was pretty long, but it allowed the group to gather; time to load up the trolley!

The scenery along the estate was astounding; especially the palm-lined roads (for a wind-break).

The first stop was at the museum, where the workers put on a little skit & told a historical story.

The museum was interesting; the best part was a movie explaining how rum is produced.

After the museum we walked to the ageing warehouse, which is above ground and very hot ... we were told lots of rum evaporates ... by design!

After looking at expensive kegs of rum ($11,000 each), we walked around the grounds for a bit... could this count as the hash?

We then made it to the coffee roasting area, which is used in their new coffee-based rum ... nice!

We enjoyed a 'Rum & Coke' break, as it was getting very warm ...            hey guys... smile!

We got back on the trolley and drove around the rest of the large estate; more palm-lined roads!

The sugar cane was not tall, but was harvested twice a year. The surrounding mountains offer a climate special for sugar cane. We can see the trail which we will walk/run later on.... %#@#!

We got off the trolley and visited the area in which they repair, or destroy, the older wooden barrels. 

During the short discussion some were figuring out they could get one of these nice barrels back to Caracas ... full of rum... of course! Others were getting affected by the sun... or maybe the rum!

Time for a group photo!  

We had a nice turnout and so far everyone is hanging in there ...
but we aren't even close to finishing yet!


After touring the distillery area via the trolley, we were taken back to a big old building ...

 ... which, when the doors were opened, looked like it was set up for a United Nations meeting!

The 'Tasting Director' guided us through samples of each of the seven different rums they offer. 

After the tasting, some hashers felt like taking a nap. Camera usage also became obviously impaired. We were then sent to the bar for cocktails ... wow ... it's only 3pm!

After relaxing at the bar for awhile, we were taken to an area where we could have a private picnic.  After the picnic we concluded some hash management activities and then wobbled home.

The hosts organized a grand day! 

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